The Best Landmarks in the United States

Across the world, particular landmarks in the US have gained iconic status. They are synonymous with the nation’s heritage, history, and culture.

You’ve probably seen them in person, on screens, or in pictures and immediately associated them with a specific American location, period, or ideal. Here are some of the best landmarks in the US:

The Statue of Liberty

Standing tall at 151 feet on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, Lady Liberty is the most recognizable symbol of American freedom. Gifted by France in 1886, the statue has stood as a beacon of hope for over 120 years.

Immigrants from across the world were welcomed to America by Lady Liberty’s torch. Light from the torch, served as a lighthouse and was visible from almost 40 kilometers away.

The statue has come to represent the principles on which America was founded: freedom, democracy, and opportunity. It averages more than 4 million guests every year.

Mount Rushmore

Located in the Black Hills, South Dakota, Mount Rushmore is a massive sculpture of four US presidents carved on a mountain. They include George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

The project was started in 1927 and completed after 14 years in 1941. The sculptor aimed to pay tribute to the presidents who represented significant accomplishments in US history.

It gained popularity as an iconic landmark and tourist destination. It has been receiving millions of visitors each year since its completion. Mount Rushmore also draws a fair share of controversy and criticism over the sculptor, the land, and the leaders.

The Empire State Building

Located in New York, the Empire State Building was completed in 1931 and stands at 1,250 feet. Its construction was done in record time in a race to create the world’s tallest building. It achieved and held this status for close to 40 years before being outranked in 1970.

It has been part of mainstream US culture for a long time, giving it worldwide fame and recognition. The building is featured in various movies, with the most famous one being 1933’s ‘King Kong.’

One peculiar feature is its 200-foot mast which was constructed as a docking port for airships. The owners believed that airship travel would be the wave of the future!

The Hollywood Sign

Found on Mount Lee in Los Angeles, California, the Hollywood sign is a landmark and American cultural icon. It was initially erected as a real estate advertisement reading ‘Hollywoodland’ in 1923.

It soon became a symbol of stardom and glamour. It was celebrated, copied, and parodied in various ways over the years. It has become a representation of the entertainment industry and an inspiration for people seeking fame.

The sign frequently appears in popular culture, film, and music videos. It has had a crucial role in making Los Angeles the center of the global entertainment industry. Across the world, the Hollywood sign has accrued meaning as a prime symbol of American movies and celebrities.…

Best Beaches of the Caribbean

The Caribbean is all about the beaches.

Imagine fluffy white (or even pink) sand between your toes, crystalline waters, and swaying palm trees. It’s a slice of heaven on earth.

Whether it’s a beach packed with water activities or a more secluded spot, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Here’s a list of the best beaches in the Caribbean for a memorable sunny escape.

  1. Grace Bay Beach

Different travel agencies consistently rank grace Bay beach among the best beaches in the world. Located in Providenciales north shore, it’s an unspoiled natural beauty. Its shoreline dazzles with soft sand with palm trees on one side and turquoise waters on the other.

Swim in the snorkeling trails and view aquatic life or relax on miles of ivory white sand. It’s studded with luxury resorts, hotels, restaurants, shops, villa rentals, and even a golf course.

An offshore barrier reef protects it from large waves, and its sheer size ensures it’s never crowded. It’s perfect for families and couples, with safe prime access to the shore and pampering with on-site amenities.

  • Magens Bay

Magens Bay is highly ranked for its breathtaking, picture-perfect beauty. No other beach in the US Virgin Island is as famous as this 1.5-mile stretch. Nestled in a deep coved line with the rich landscape and panoramic views, it’s simply photogenic.

Warm, calm, shallow waters and lifeguards rank it among the safest beaches for kids in the Caribbean. Magens also remains spotless, pristine, and gorgeous despite its popularity.

Changing facilities, picnic tables, food vendors, a taxi stand, and water sports renting operators are available. Magens is also perfect for various water activities like kayaking and paddleboarding. The best part is even the little ones can participate in the shallow waters.

  • Bathsheba Beach

If you prefer your beaches rugged and wild, then you’ll love the large boulders at Bathsheba beach and how the waves roll and crash into them. Found on the east coast of Barbados, it is a paradise for surfing junkies and photographers.

It hosts many surfing competitions and boasts of consistent world-class waves, including the famous Soup Bowl. Swimming is not recommended due to big waves and strong currents.

Photographers will find themselves admiring and taking pictures of the beautiful rock formations at the beach. The thrill of watching surfers and the rugged beauty of the coastline guarantees you an experience second to none.

  • Eagle Beach

Eagle beach has a long stretch of white sand and is often listed among the best beaches globally. It is the most expansive beach in Aruba. It is considered the best owing to its spectacular beauty and limited crowds.

It also homes the islands’ famous and most photographed fofoti trees. Eagle beach offers excellent opportunities to enjoy the sparkling waters on various motorized water sports.

It has a great low-key vibe, gentle surf, and every service you need is available. Such qualities make it a serene alternative to the other popular Caribbean beaches.…

Things You Should Never Pack

Things You Should Never Pack

Most likely, not everything in your suitcase is required to accompany you on vacation. You can reduce the load by getting rid of unnecessary products. Here are some things you should never pack, ranging from hair dryers and toiletries to makeup bags and magazines.

Books and Magazines

We’re not suggesting you can’t enjoy a decent book while on holiday. However, if you have a Kindle or smartphone, you can save room by leaving paperback books and magazines at home. Electronic choices are slim and lightweight, helping you load up on more reading content than you might finish on vacation.

Daily Outfits

We all enjoy having choices, but almost no one uses a completely different outfit for each day of the trip. Packing in this manner is one of the fastest ways to run out of space—and odds are, you won’t wear half of what you brought.

Most people can get away with bringing three tops and three bottoms that are realistic and accommodating and can be mixed and matched on even the longest trips. If you’re concerned about running out of clean clothes, plan on doing a load of laundry while you’re on the trip or hand wash a few things as needed.

Too Many Jeans

Denim is suitable for travel because it is versatile, sturdy, and conceals stains well. However, even when folded securely, it is cumbersome and takes up a lot of room.

Pack your preferred jeans, but restrict yourself to one or two pairs, and add in lightweight pants like leggings, jeggings, performance fabrics, or khakis.


Rather than carrying your whole toiletries kit, take advantage of the freebies available at your hotel.

Most establishments include shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotion, but it does not mean that they will have everything. Deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, razors, shaving cream, feminine grooming products, and even sewing kits are available in some hotels. The trick is that you have to request it.


You don’t use any piece in your makeup bag daily, so why bring the entire thing?

Stick to the things you use every day and nothing else. Limit your makeup to a concealer, lipstick or bronzer, an eyeliner brush, minimal eye shadow, mascara, and a lip stain. Consider bringing a  beauty set, which has a range of cosmetics in a single travel-sized palette.

Hair Styling

Leave the blow-dryer, straightener, curling iron, and giant bottles of hair care at home; they take up a lot of baggage space and take over the bathroom after being unpacked.

Most hotel rooms already have a hairdryer, and some facilities even provide hair straighteners. Confirm this with the hotel ahead of time to avoid packing too much.

If your hotel does not have style tools, invest in travel-size options or go without—after all, it is just a temporary circumstance.

Multiple Devices

Unless you’re on a business trip, you should be able to get by with only a smartphone. However, if you intend to carry other gadgets, such as an iPad, phone, laptop, or Kindle, restrict yourself to no more than two. This is why: Overpacking technology results in sub-standard vacations. You’re either continually distracted by your tech gadgets, or you end up not using the majority of what you brought. Choose carefully to maximize your vacation time and packing space.

Just In Case

Packing for scenarios that are unlikely to occur is a bad idea. You don’t need to pack a winter coat if you’re going to the tropics—you won’t need it. The same is true with everything you do. Make rational decisions to avoid packing needless products.

Top Reasons Why You Need To Research About the Culture of Your Destination

If you are like most people, then traveling is one of the major things you want to do. Visiting new places is exciting. At all times, you wish to try out and see what other people do in their cultures. And something else you would want to discover different features and attractions. 

But once you travel, one thing that you must be willing to deal with is the diversity humans have. As you travel, you will notice that humans from different parts of the world do things differently. This is one of the major reasons why you need to have at least some information about the culture you’re visiting.  National Geographic can give you some insight into the culture of the area you are visiting.

Luckily, this article will share with you top reasons you need to research your destination’s culture before you could visit. 

  • Helps Avoid The Culture Shock 

Have you ever traveled to a foreign destination then found yourself shocked beyond help? It’s possible if, for instance, you get to destinations with cultures that seem strange or odd. 

For instance, if you’re not used to seeing naked people, you’ll be in shock all the time when you visit some communities where people barely wear any clothing. If you weren’t expecting to meet almost everybody naked, then the shock will be on you. 

The problem with culture shock is that you can easily find yourself thinking about the events you saw instead of focusing on the current moment and enjoying everything that your destination offers. 

So, to avoid these culture shocks, it’s critical to consider researching your travel destination before you could even travel. 

  • To Pack Relevant Items 

Some cultures would require you to have specific items. For instance, if you’re a woman traveling to a Muslim country, you might want to buy scurf or have something that can cover your hair. This is necessary because in this kind of culture, women are expected to cover their heads. 

This is just an example. Research your specific destination. Find out if there are any special items you will be required to have for the time you would be in this place. 

So, before you travel, find this key and useful information. And most importantly, don’t forget to pack anything that you would be required of. 

  • To Avoid Getting Into Trouble 

People are protective when it comes to their culture. And the worst thing you can ever do when you travel is to abuse people’s culture. Going against the way of human practice will leave you in trouble when you travel. 

Sometimes you might be punished by the locals when break set rules for their culture. And worst of it all, you can’t say you didn’t know. 

So to avoid these cases, ensure you research the culture of your specific destination. 

Parting Shot 

Researching about the culture of your destination will make it easy for your travel. So, don’t take any chances. Research and find out exactly what you would be required to do when you travel to a new destination. 

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