Things You Should Never Pack

Things You Should Never Pack

Most likely, not everything in your suitcase is required to accompany you on vacation. You can reduce the load by getting rid of unnecessary products. Here are some things you should never pack, ranging from hair dryers and toiletries to makeup bags and magazines.

Books and Magazines

We’re not suggesting you can’t enjoy a decent book while on holiday. However, if you have a Kindle or smartphone, you can save room by leaving paperback books and magazines at home. Electronic choices are slim and lightweight, helping you load up on more reading content than you might finish on vacation.

Daily Outfits

We all enjoy having choices, but almost no one uses a completely different outfit for each day of the trip. Packing in this manner is one of the fastest ways to run out of space—and odds are, you won’t wear half of what you brought.

Most people can get away with bringing three tops and three bottoms that are realistic and accommodating and can be mixed and matched on even the longest trips. If you’re concerned about running out of clean clothes, plan on doing a load of laundry while you’re on the trip or hand wash a few things as needed.

Too Many Jeans

Denim is suitable for travel because it is versatile, sturdy, and conceals stains well. However, even when folded securely, it is cumbersome and takes up a lot of room.

Pack your preferred jeans, but restrict yourself to one or two pairs, and add in lightweight pants like leggings, jeggings, performance fabrics, or khakis.


Rather than carrying your whole toiletries kit, take advantage of the freebies available at your hotel.

Most establishments include shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotion, but it does not mean that they will have everything. Deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, razors, shaving cream, feminine grooming products, and even sewing kits are available in some hotels. The trick is that you have to request it.


You don’t use any piece in your makeup bag daily, so why bring the entire thing?

Stick to the things you use every day and nothing else. Limit your makeup to a concealer, lipstick or bronzer, an eyeliner brush, minimal eye shadow, mascara, and a lip stain. Consider bringing a  beauty set, which has a range of cosmetics in a single travel-sized palette.

Hair Styling

Leave the blow-dryer, straightener, curling iron, and giant bottles of hair care at home; they take up a lot of baggage space and take over the bathroom after being unpacked.

Most hotel rooms already have a hairdryer, and some facilities even provide hair straighteners. Confirm this with the hotel ahead of time to avoid packing too much.

If your hotel does not have style tools, invest in travel-size options or go without—after all, it is just a temporary circumstance.

Multiple Devices

Unless you’re on a business trip, you should be able to get by with only a smartphone. However, if you intend to carry other gadgets, such as an iPad, phone, laptop, or Kindle, restrict yourself to no more than two. This is why: Overpacking technology results in sub-standard vacations. You’re either continually distracted by your tech gadgets, or you end up not using the majority of what you brought. Choose carefully to maximize your vacation time and packing space.

Just In Case

Packing for scenarios that are unlikely to occur is a bad idea. You don’t need to pack a winter coat if you’re going to the tropics—you won’t need it. The same is true with everything you do. Make rational decisions to avoid packing needless products.

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